Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Rivers Run Dry

Author Sibella Giorello describes life through the eyes of a newly transferred female FBI agent living in a world typically dominated by men. Transferred to the Pacific Northwest, southern bred Raleigh Harmon, geologist turned FBI agent, receives her first assignment in the Violent Crimes unit. When a hiker goes missing, Raleigh must work around the clock to find out if the hiker was kidnapped or walked away of her own accord. Discounted by her own colleagues, Raleigh pushes to find the missing hiker even when doing so means going against direct orders and medical advice.

Although I appreciate immersing myself in the setting of the book, I found there to be too much detail in the account of the mountains, minerals, rocks, etc. The plot itself was amazingly well written with so many unexpected twists and turns that the added description seemed superfluous to me.

Giorello does an excellent job of weaving Christianity into her novel without coming across as "preachy." As Raleigh struggles to prove herself to her supervisors, she continues to learn that she must rely on her Heavenly Father. Her mother’s search for her own faith and her aunt’s escape from the religion forced upon her as a child depict many of today’s families at different points in their quests for that true relationship with the Creator.

Overall, the plot made this book a must read. Raleigh’s tenacity for the truth and tender heart for others made her a believable character that I want to meet again.

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