Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fear No Evil by Robin Caroll

Lincoln is trying to escape his past. Moving closer to his parents in their time of need, graduating from the police academy, turning his back on the God he loved for so long...all he wanted to do was focus on his new job.

A recent college graduate, Jade is a social worker emotionally attached to her clients. Why does she feel so strongly for the abused women she works with? Will her attachment place her in harm's way? Why does she seem to keep needing Lincoln to bail her out?

Lincoln and Jade are pushed together when someone tries to run Jade off the road. And then again during a courtyard shooting.  Gangs, bombings, and hidden secrets keep coming to the surface as Eternal Springs, Louisiana experiences a crime spree like they've never seen before. 

Fear No Evil is a suspense filled romantic novel worth picking up. I can't wait to pick up more books by this author.

Thanks to B & H Publishing Group for my review copy.

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