Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent of a Mystery by Marilyn Leach

Trouble always seems to find the vicar's wife, Berdie. Eager to please her husband, Berdie determines to keep her nose clean and concentrate on her church responsibilities during the holiday season. When she enters the home of an elderly church parishioner to pick her up for an early morning of shopping, Berdie discovers the house has been ransacked and the elderly Miss Livingston murdered. Berdie is certain she can figure out who the perpetrator was.

The local constable desires to wrap up the case as quickly as possible and clear his docket. He eagerly rounds up a suspect and jails him based on circumstantial evidence. Berdie digs deeper. Something doesn't sit quite right with her. Her investigative instincts tell her there is more to this story. With the help of her best friend Lillie, she is determined to prove the innocent Jamie was framed. Gypsies, hidden marriages, and World War II crimes all come to light when Berdie noses around trying to keep another murder from happening in her small village. 

Marilyn Leach depicts a beautiful English village during the holiday season. Her humor of the behind the scenes life of the vicar and his wife is spot on! I eagerly await Berdie's next escapade. 

Thanks to Barbour Books for my Advanced Reader's Copy.

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